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175 EUR

FENESTRA shelves

When we are visiting a country rich in crafts & culture, like Tunisia, we like to bring back small symbolic objects of our trip. Typical items that touch us and have a particular signification for us. With FENESTRA, we wanted to propose a dedicated space to these nice finds. A quite of small window on a world created by the composition of objects. A tiny curiosity cabinet. The arranged objects on it come into resonance with the hammered copper. Coming from the sheet metal technique, these two small shelves are in two formats, horizontal & vertical.

Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 12 cm
Materials: Hammered Copper

SCMP DESIGN OFFICE is a French design firm led by Sébastien Cluzel & Morgane Pluchon. The studio is hinged on two essential values: that design should be everyone, and that it should spark joy and curiosity by using imaginative approaches to form. Through their interrogation of materials, shape, colour, and pattern, Sébastien and Morgane create designs that cue memories, invoke moments in history, and redefine the expectations of everyday objects. After their design studies at ESAD of Saint-Etienne, Sébastien decide to complete his curriculum with a Masters in Product Design at ECAL/ University of Art and Design Lausanne whereas Morgane went to work throughout Europe. They came together in 2015 to show their first objects at SaloneSatellite, in Milan which marked the beginning of the studio. They currently have offices in Paris, France and Lausanne, Switzerland.

SCMP DESIGN OFFICE SHOP is the online platform of the design studio SCMP DESIGN OFFICE. The particularity of the store is that it houses only products designed by the studio. Nowadays, the store delivers products only in France.